Being an African-American male who deals with what the W.E.B. Dubois labels “double consciousness”, 2020 has been intellectually draining and spiritually tiresome — to say the least. In this year alone, police brutality has been perpetuated by bias and prejudice. One reality subsisting in the life of America and white supremacy is racial profiling. It has permeated the identity of our society and should end immediately.

Racial Profiling: The Relative of the ‘New Jim Crow’

In her riveting book titled The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, attorney and professor, Michelle Alexander posits that the War on Drugs — originated by the Nixon administration —…

The Christmas holiday looks drastically different this year. Most of us will be gathered around our computers — in virtual meetings on Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, Skype or even socially distanced in the family room as well as at the dinner table. However, this year in review has provoked a new desire for me that supersedes the transitory construct of time, as we know it.

I’m Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

Oftentimes, the famous song was released in 1942 and performed by Bing Crosby, to reminisce an old-fashioned Christmas setting. Many people have added this selection on their exhaustive…

Black Lives Matter Protesters Marching for George Floyd

On December 16, 2016, a monumental season of grief met me in a gripping fashion. I had preached a now published a sermon, “The Gospel of Prophetic Grief” at the Festival of Young Preachers in Lexington, Kentucky on January 3, 2017– 17 days after my father had succumbed to degenerative Huntington’s Disease. This occurred nearly 17 days before the incumbent president, known as 45 or D.T., was sworn in as the next president of the United States. From a personal standpoint and a socially pragmatic perspective, a traumatic period of subsequent grief prompted an avalanche of enraging emotions within me.

No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah and/or Kwanzaa, you notice the signs of change around us indicate that a new day has begun. I don’t mean from a spooky, Sci-Fi standpoint. Here, I speak of the Advent in reference to “new beginnings” and “fresh air”. Putting religiosity aside, 2020 has been a year of unexpected challenges, uncovering possibilities and the undone normal that we once knew. These are not limited to a global pandemic, the end of a political dynasty and the shift from traditional to virtual socialization.

It is quite interesting and even paradoxical that we will soon…

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the entire landscape of public education in America. Public education, for the sake of this writing, includes Kindergarten through 12th grade and beyond. Despite the wide spectrum of public education, there is an enormous decrease in available opportunities in which to engage in a direct, traditional method of learning and interpersonal communication.

The gripping effects of COVID-19 on public education intensified by political polarization. Political polarization, waging between progressive left and conservative right, nearly eliminated a focus on preparing minds for the present and future. Due to this polarization, the global COVID-19 pandemic instilled…

Kevin J. Daniels

Educator, Consultant and Contributing Writer

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